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Mission + Vision

We are non-profit organization, we inspire children to love math by using free-online math games.


Our team wants to ensure every child has the opportunity to enjoy math. Free-online math games are the best way. We have many helpful and fun math games to help develop the skills of children. If you’re not sure who to contact, write [email protected], and we’ll put you in touch!


Educational math games provided fun and focused repetition practices that allow automaticity and fluency to be achieved more quickly. We will help students achieve masterful levels of performance faster than ever before!


Volunteers help Us advance our mission to bring fun, and interesting math experiences to kids and families in an exceeding type of ways – from playing online math games with kids at events to assisting with fundraisers and behind the scenes projects, volunteers make our work possible. You create kids, Math Powered!

MathGgamesProject is a website that kids would love because it offers many games without the annoying pop-ups. Kids may have to figure out how to play some of the games independently, which will be quite challenging. Some images represent each game on the homepage, and the name of the game will be revealed once you scroll over to the image.

MathGgamesProject is the best place to play free games. Many kids will get addicted to the MathGgamesProject website, especially those who love to play online games.

Our Activities

We make multiplayer educational free math online games. Our interactive, educational online math games offer a unique blend of learning and gameplay for kids. Our Educational games available to play unblocked from school to help kids to be more organized and smart.

Kids can play educational Friv games from school too.

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