Mission + Vision

At Zeno, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, we inspire kids to love math!

Mission: Zeno builds young children’s early math skills by equipping families with fun and engaging tools to create the math foundation for a future of limitless opportunity. We focus on serving families of color in low-income communities through partnerships with community-based organizations and early learning programs.

Vision: Zeno envisions a world where everyone knows they can do math.

Racial Equity + Early Math

While systemic and institutional inequity persist at all levels of our society, race plays an especially significant factor in the daily lives of the families we work with.

For Zeno to create programming that is effective and valued by communities of color, all aspects of our organization must address racial equity: policies, practices, programs, staffing, and governance. Our work is to reduce and eventually erase racial opportunity gaps in early math by increasing access to early math resources and bringing families of color into the early math conversation. We are working towards a world in which a child’s race is not a predictor of their educational outcome.

What We Do

What if we made math more accessible, engaging and enjoyable?

Zeno layers math onto existing programs that primarily serve families of young children in low-income communities of color. We provide fun, playful activities that build foundational early math concepts, shape mindsets, and put learning resources in the homes of children. We incorporate the Voice of the Family in our work, to co-create in a way that develops programming most likely to be used and adopted by families.


Strategic Plan

We strive to provide inspiring programs that integrate math in everyday experiences for kids from an early age. Our three-year strategic plan outlines Zeno’s key areas of focus and programmatic approach, and outlines our plans for working with others in the early math community to fully measure impact. This Strategic Plan covers three fiscal years, September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2021. The Zeno Board approved the plan in August 2018.