Volunteers help the US advance our mission to bring fun and engaging
math experiences to kids and families in various ways – from
playing math games with kids at events to assisting with fundraisers and
behind-the-scenes projects; volunteers make our work possible. YOU make kids Math Powered!

To apply to be a volunteer, please complete our online application.
Questions about volunteering with Us? Please e-mail
[email protected]

Volunteer Registration

Why Volunteer?


We can’t do it alone. When you direct your time, energy, and skills to volunteer with Us, you demonstrate to our kids, teachers, and families the infinite possibilities that arise from an individual’s relationship with math.


We work directly where elementary kids learn, live, and play because it’s here that our attitudes about math and ourselves are formed. By starting at the source, we’re creating a positive math culture by starting from the ground up. Your engagement as a volunteer can help reframe math as fun and relevant so that all kids, teachers, and families can build math confidence and lifetime skills.


We commit to ensuring your volunteer experience is rewarding, impactful, and of course, fun! We always add new volunteer opportunities, so keep checking back to find the best assignment for your interests, skills, and schedule.